Thursday, May 14, 2009

Does a picture REALLY say a thousand words?

Well, these are the 'BEFORE' part of her story so you tell me. :o)

Recently a dear friend of mine hired me to photograph her for her business and I was SO happy! Here's why, I know her and know how wonderful she is, how beautiful she is, and how much she has to offer her clients and the images she was using for her business didn't at all relay who SHE really is. They were just images that she had so she was using the best of what she had available.

It took her a while to decide and she was struggling with the investment of hiring me for a few reasons. One being that she'd had her picture professionally taken before and was not at all happy with the results and the other that she really didn't think it was worth it because she wasn't photogenic. Believe it or not, I hear these both a lot! Most of my clients think that they're not photogenic and then love the results after our shoot together. They're usually shocked like I waved my magic wand and all of a sudden they're photogenic. Which is completely true! ;o)

Ok, so not really true about the magic wand, BUT it is because this is what I do well and am an expert in. Please don't even think of hiring me to do your book keeping or cooking (and that's all I'm willing to share about what I'm NOT good at!).

The point is that when you find the right photographer (and there are plenty of amazing ones out there, you really need to focus on hiring the one for YOU) it IS completely worth the investment to have a few really unbelievable images of yourself. With this social media revolution, there's no hiding anymore! It is all about the photo and you want to make sure that you're sending the message YOU want to send and not leaving it up to interpretation. You really want to convey your true personality and expression in your images so that you're attracting more clients/customers.

Are you like sooooooo curious to see what a few of her images looked like in the 'AFTER' part of this story?? Quickly go to my blog to see a few! :o)

Thank you Lilia for allowing me to show your 'before' and 'after' story!!

Would you like to know my advice on hiring the right photographer?? You can read an article HERE that I wrote for a great website called Hip Slope Mama.

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