Monday, July 20, 2009

When the breakdown moments are keepers too!

Upset in Uggs

Tanner's birth announcement

As a professional photographer, I know to just keep clicking away when it could end up being a funny moment captured with kids. Most of the time they are some of my clients favorite images so I want to make sure that I get the shots for them. They are those breakdown photos that are just too good and funny to get rid of!

You definitely want to remember these too because it really adds to the story of the day, time, or situation. No one got hurt, it's just a little temper tantrum that is over in seconds.....well, minutes anyway! ;o)

Above is little Parker and he couldn't walk so well in his little Uggs and was just so upset by that! I'm surprised I got the shot because his mom and I were laughing so hard at the way he was trying to walk. Look at those chunker munker legs!! Don't you just want to eat him up?!

Also, here is Colin who is a gorgeous free spirited kid and he was so not cool with having wet jeans on and not to mention his hands were sandy and it was driving him crazy! His mom ordered a print of this and told me she couldn't resist and had to have it. All was fine a minute later when he was able to get his jeans off and I think there was chocolate involved too. Doesn't that make everything better? :o)

To capture your kids personalities (and I mean ALL of them), don't forget to keep snapping when some of those funny moments happen. Place them in the album with the others you took that day and see how the story unfolds!

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