Friday, November 20, 2009

Love Is The Message!

This is one of my amazing clients Jelynne! I met Jelynne at a workshop not too long ago and we connected right away. Discussing both of our issues with being 'People Pleasers' and always available for others and not making time for what WE need and want. Taking full responisibiity of course and recognizing that we are the ones who have to change the habit of neglecting ourselves.

We decided to do just that! Setting the intentions to nurture ourselves, set aside time that we need to accomplish our dreams and to stop feeling so bad about setting boundries with others. Putting ourselves first so that we don't run ourselves down, and end up not able to help anyone.

We kept in touch and Jelynne hired me to do her headshots on one of my trips back to NYC. During the processing of the images from our shoot together, I came across this image and was floored. I have never seen anyone carry a bag saying 'I Love Me' and here it is showing up at her photo shoot walking so clearly in the background right after she declared that she would start loving herself more! I love how stuff like that works!! :o)

**BTW - Jelynne owns a restaurant called LITM which stands for 'Love Is The Message'. How wonderful! She was able to build a very successful restaurant from scratch and now she's giving back by teaching others to do the same. I can't tell you what she has in store, but it's BIG and you can check her out at

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Alicia said...

These are just beautiful! I think the "I love ME" bag is perfect - gotta love serendipity!! I can't wait to see the pictures of me and Rob!