Sunday, February 14, 2010

Filled With Love.......

You are filled with love that you long to express. And yet
all too often you hold it inside.

The times when you feel most fully alive are the times when
you act based on love. The greatest value you have to give
is the value that comes from your love.

Though you may fear that it will make you vulnerable, love
actually gives you great strength. Let yourself love, and
let your love flow.

Think of the people you love, the values you love, the
things you love to do and the places you love to be. All
that love will pull you and guide you toward where you truly

Love challenges you to be who you most authentically are.
Love enables you and compels you to find and to give the
very best that you have.

Love is exceedingly difficult and unspeakably beautiful all
at once. Live in love, and you truly live.

Ralph Marston

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