Thursday, July 1, 2010

July's Image of the Month

We're heating things up this July!
I'm helping women celebrate expression ........ in a new way!! :o)

Well, I'm doing it again! Reeeaaaallllyyy putting myself out there with this one! Why did I choose this image for July's Image of the Month??? Well, because I'm celebrating the July 4th holiday and also celebrating the official launch of a new part of my business and photography service that I offer now ....... Boudoir Photography.

I'm so excited and completely frightened at the same time about this launch if I'm being completely honest! I've put it off for a little while because of it's sensitive nature and I wanted to announce it in the proper way. I don't want to frighten my clients who come to me for family and children photos, so please don't think that I'm going in a new direction because I'm not! Just expanding and offering this new service to women. Mom's to be exact!

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