Thursday, April 23, 2009

Evan's first photo shoot as a gift!

This is little Evan's first shoot who was the star of our 'Image of the Month' for April and his family was gifted a photo session with me as a baby shower gift recently.  See how cute he is?? He was amazing during our shoot and we had a great afternoon!  See the great feedback at the end of this post from the giver and receiver of this photo session.  :o)

I just adore his little grumpy face in this one! So serious......    :o)

This is my good friend Nykki who purchased the gift of a photo session for her sister-in-law.

Thank you Bankey Family!!  :o)

Testimonial from the gift-giver:
"My sister-n-law, Nicole, had a baby shower.  She registered for necessary items & I was thinking gifts come & go, especially the ones he grows out of.  I thought a special gift for her would be a photo session with Nikki.  When she opened the package discovering that it was a photo session, she was very excited because she knew how talented Nikki is.  Everyone in the crowd thought that was the most unique gift ever.

Photos last forever!  The ones that I've gotten for Christmas are all too cute.  Everyone in the entire family opened our gifts at the same time & we all gasped at how cute the pictures turned out!   I had a hard time deciding which to frame."

And from the recipient:
"Eric and I are so grateful to our sister-in-law for giving us a session with Nikki Incandela! It was truly a special gift that we may not have thought to splurge on for ourselves.

The images from that fun afternoon are beautiful.  She captured  our baby's many expressions just perfectly.  Looking at the photos now, it's surprising how much our little guy has grown in just a few months.  Thankfully, that moment in time with him is preserved forever."
~Nicole & Eric Bankey

April's Photo Tip

Tired of the kids just being blurry objects in the images you capture?

Want to use images to document their growth?

Easy! Capture the kids while they're distracted doing something (even if it's from behind) so that they're more still for your photo. Also, use an object (like this car in the image to the left) so that you'll always remember their height in relation to that object and to each other. Then voila! You have them captured and a fine art looking image also.

Just watch - NOW they'll want to look at the camera! :o) That's ok; you can get some great face photos too!

Good luck and let me know how it goes.

(p.s. these cutie pies are part of the Kalimian family. Yes, there's one more, and they're all so incredibly adorable!!)

Thursday, April 2, 2009