Thursday, January 14, 2010

January's Image of the Month!

Rose Images - To the blooming of a New Year!

These are rose images I captured from the garden of a client I recently did Headshots for and thought I'd share as part of the January Image of the Month.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Maternity Photo Shoot Testimonial

Thank you so much Nikki."

Joy Rivera (New York City, NY)

Newborn & Family Photo Shoot Testimonial

"It was truly a pleasure to work with Nikki on photographing our newborn son Tanner. Prior to working with Nikki we had taken thousands of digital pictures with little success. The morning of our photo shoot Tanner was cranky and we feared that we were going to be disappointed with the outcome of the pictures.

Once the photo shoot started, Nikki provided us with guidance and recommendations based on what we wanted as the end result. She created a comfortable, unrushed setting and it seemed as if we were just spending time with a friend and our baby.

Nikki delivered a high percentage of amazing pictures which captured our baby’s personality and a moment in time that we wanted to visually document. Nikki has a great eye for the art of photography and I am glad she pursued her passion."

Thank You Nikki,

Renee & Marc Beaudin (Randolph, NJ)

Headshot Photo Shoot Testimonial


You are so talented. Honestly, they've exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much!

Nancy Micheals (MA)

Headshot Photo Shoot Testimonial

Thank you so much for taking my headshots. I have never had a headshot that I actually liked before. As a realtor, I can tell you it's been really nice to use a headshot that I can be proud of in marketing materials. And to have options?!? It's so exciting. You do amazing work! Thanks again."

Danielle Hishon Hartley (Charleston, SC)

Gift, Baby, & Family Photo Shoot Testimonial

"My sister-n-law, Nicole, had a baby shower. She registered for necessary items & I was thinking gifts come & go, especially the ones he grows out of. I thought a special gift for her would be a photo session from Nikki. When she opened the package discovering that it was a photo session, she was very excited because she knew how talented Nikki is. Everyone in the crowd thought that was the most unique gift ever.
Photos last forever! The ones that I've gotten for Christmas are all too cute. Everyone in the entire family opened our gifts at the same time & we all gasped at how cute the pictures turned out! I had a hard time deciding which to frame."

Nykki Dang (Union City, NJ)

"Eric and I are so grateful to our sister-in-law for giving us a session with Nikki Incandela! It was truly a special gift that we may not have thought to splurge on for ourselves.

The images from that fun afternoon are beautiful. She captured our baby’s many expressions just perfectly. Looking at the photos now, it’s surprising how much our little guy has grown in just a few months. Thankfully, that moment in time with him is preserved forever."

Nicole Smith (Weehawken, NJ)

Headshot Photo Shoot Testimonial

All I can say is WOW because I am speechless!!! The pictures from our photo shoot are beyond beautiful. I told you going in I'm a woman who hates to have professional photos taken because I am always disappointed. In the past if I could find one decent shot I was happy. Now all that's changed.
Nikki, all the pictures you snapped were beyond fabulous. When I first saw the cover page to your email that contained my picture gallery I didn't even recongize myself.
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am. You are a pleasure to work with and next time I will actually look forward to our shoot.

Warmest regards,

Linda Franklin (New York, NY)

Family Photo Shoot Testimonial

"I reached out to Nikki based on a referal from a close friend. I was hoping to surprise my husband for his 35th birthday with a photo shoot at our beach house with our son. Unfortunately, most of our pictures since our son's birth were of our son and other people, relatives, etc. My husband and I were always the ones taking the photos! So, I thought it would be great to have family photos.
Sure enough, we had a gorgeous day and despite our son being a bit cranky, Nikki was able to get some amazing shots of our family. When I shared them with our family, most if not all wanted copies :) We will certainly use Nikki and her talents again!"

Heather Rhatigan (Oak Beach, NY)

Headshot Photo Shoot Testimonial

" I write for an online magazine and sent them the news headshot for my April article and got a response that said, "WOW, great photo!!!" I keep getting that response, and it's your talent that brings it out so I thought you'd like to hear. "

:) Julie Fleming (Atlanta, GA)

Headshot Photo Shoot Testimonial

"I was so impressed with the work that Nikki did with my photos. I had a wonderful time at the shoot. I had never done a professional shoot before and I was a little nervous but Nikki made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. We had a great time! When I saw my photos, I felt for the first time in a very long time that I looked pretty in photos. I had such a major positive change in my self esteem that day. She does amazing work bringing out your true essence and creates beautiful & natural images. Nikki is such a brilliant artist!

Thank you Nikki!"

Shannon Leslie Clark (Costa Mesa, CA)

Family Photo Shoot Testimonial

"I love how you captured the light in all of them, we'll have to do another photo shoot in the future, here in Boise, that would be cool or when we are all in San Diego again. Our family is going to love these! -Thank you Nikki! Thank you for finding the beauty in the ordinary!"

Amy Scott ( San Diego, CA)

Headshots Testimonial

"Nikki is an amazing photographer who captures the energy and essence of her subjects. I’m grateful for her willingness to travel cross country so my farm and healing center could be incorporated into the photographs. The use of natural lighting is amazing. I plan to use the photographs as a major part of the branding of my new business, so they are perfect. Nikki is the best!!!"

Pat Chapman (Whitehouse Station, NJ)

Wedding Photo Shoot Testimonial

"Nikki, I just wanted to say hi and tell you how amazing you are! U r a true ray of light. I'm not usually one to connect with people on such a deep level within the first 74 hrs of meeting them...=) as soon as I met you I was overwhelmed with your warmth, your beauty (inside and out) and your kindness.
I am SOOOOOOO honored to have met you, Thank you."

Amanda McRae (Puerta Vallarta, Mexico)

Headshots Testimonial

Thanks Nikki, I actually enjoyed it and it got easier as we went. You are really easy to work with and you made me feel very comfortable. I look forward to seeing the pics. Talk to you soon.
Scott Laska ( San Diego, CA)

Boudoir Photo Shoot Testimonial

"I am so happy that I had the opportunity to have Nikki photograph me. She was so professional and also made me feel at ease. I thought that would be hard to do giving that I was half naked most of the shoot, but we found ourselves laughing most of the day! I can't stop smiling on how great they look! I thought I would be embarrassed to show people and now I am showing everyone! To think that I am a mom of three and I can still look "sexy". It opened my eyes and I am sure my husband will benefit! When I showed them to him he said "they are beautiful"! My husband does not talk like that. I teared up. Thanks Nikki they are so classy and tasteful, just what I wanted! I will be letting all my friends and family know!"

Chris Vasilakis (San Diego, CA)

Wedding Photo Shoot Testimonial

Wow! The photos are sooooo amazing! You are so good at what you do!!! Frame after frame after frame, they are amazing! I will be making an order, but it takes awhile to go through 2000 or so. You are tireless my dear. Thank you for recording their special day with your own special touch!

Renee Anderson

Headshots Testimonial

"I had such a wonderful time with Nikki! Every little detail was perfection! She truly and genuinely captured exactly what I was in want of! She also made me feel so comfortable to just be myself! I was elated with my results and I look forward to working with her again!!"
Michal Naomi (San Diego, CA)

Family Photo Shoot Testimonial

"Nikki has photographed our son twice. She connects well with children and is able to get them to feel comfortable around her. She has a great eye for capturing very tender and endearing moments. Each of Nikki's photographs elicit tender emotions and memories. The first time we used Nikki, our son was only 2 weeks old. Each time we see these photos, we are reminded of the way we felt then."

~Betty Crosa (Park Slope, NY)

Family Photo Shoot Testimonial

"We were looking for some professional shots of our newborn son and Nikki was a perfect match for us. She came over to our apartment for the photo session and made us feel really at ease with her professionalism and personality. Working with what we had, Nikki managed to take many beautiful and creative pictures of our 1 week old son. From family shots to close up of shots of his little hands and feet, we were thrilled with the results. Nikki also created a birth announcement with several of the pictures taken that afternoon which we loved and which was received with many compliments from our family and friends. Working with Nikki turned out to be a tremendously pleasant experience and we look forward to using her again and again as our little boy grows."

~Gregg and Erica Birenkrant (Manalapan, NJ)

Family Photo Shoot Testimonial

"Our family has had numerous sessions with Nikki over the years and we have always been extremely impressed with her ability and style. Her pictures are truly outstanding and certainly surpassed our expectations. We will treasure them for years to come. But equally important is her professionalism, kind and thoughtful personality, and tremendous ability to work with kids. She is a pleasure to work with and we plan to use her for years to come!”

~Mike Cassidy (New York, NY)

Family Photo Shoot Testimonial

"When Nikki came to our house, she was so great with our baby! Our daughter is usually very shy around people she doesn't know but when Nikki started taking her pictures, she lit up and had a blast! We all had such a great time and each picture was a masterpiece!"

~Randi Tomasulo (New York, NY)

Family Photo Shoot Testimonial

"Nikki is great with kids, very easy to work with, and she doesn't miss a beat! Every great photo op that I was sure she must have missed because it happened soooo fast....she got! Not only did we have a blast but when we saw the finished photos, they were even better than we expected. They came out completely natural and expressive rather than staged."

~Israel Bien (Forrest Hills, NY)

Family Photo Shoot Testimonial

"Nikki is wonderful to work with and an EXTREMELY talented photographer. The photographs she took of me and my daughter are extraordinary. She captured all my daughter's moods in one session...her playfulness, fun loving attitude, joy of the beach, and the tenderness between mother and daughter. I will cherish these for years to come and look forward to our future photo sessions."

~Leslie Perkins (New York, NY)

Family Photo Shoot Testimonial

"Nikki has done several photo sessions with my two "active" little boys-at the beach and in Central Park. It is amazing how she not only gets fabulous pictures of them but she is able to capture their personalities on film. She says it's because they are such good subjects but I know better!!! Nikki is one of the best child/family photographers I have ever used and seen."

~Anne Mahoney (New York)