Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Calling ALL Networkers & Business Owners!!!

Here is an incredible offer from a very dear friend of mine and I only wish I could attend this event too!! I didn't want to miss the opportunity to pass it along to you in case you were interested in attending. If this speaks to you - GO!! Everyone who attends will absolutely get a ton of information from it along with doing a LOT of great networking with really amazing people (because that's who shows up for these me!)

Want to make money while you help others?
Don't miss this opportunity!

Here's what you have to know about business:
The only way to sustain your effort is to be profitable.

David Neagle, Suzanne Evans, Bari Baumgartner, and Blue Melnick each built a million-dollar business before hitting their 40th birthday. They've helped hundreds of business owners grow amazing businesses in record time. And now, in one very special live event, they're going to reveal how you can do the same thing.

When you attend the SEVEN Event (on December 8-11, in metro DC), you'll discover how to reach more people, how to structure services and products to help the people you reach, and how to step onto a big stage and get your message out.

Get the scoop on SEVEN here, but don't buy your ticket there!

The tickets for SEVEN are going for $1247 each, but my friend Julie Fleming is sponsoring a table, and when she invited me to join her, I talked her into making a few tickets available for you too.
She's even going to host a luncheon on the last day of the conference just for her guests, to coach you on implementing what you've learned.
(ummm....Her regular coaching rates start at $950 a month, so this is a great opportunity!)

Call Julie, and if she still has tickets available, you can attend this conference for FR*EE! To grab your complimentary ticket, just email Julie at or call her at 404/374-7500 no later than Friday at 9 AM EST.

A LOT of people ask me how I've created a successful business SO fast and how I'm doing so much already with amazing experiences to take advantage of - well, it's by jumping on a plane at the last minute to attend an event like this! That's honestly how it started for me and I wish nothing but the best for you too!! Give my friend a big hug for me!