Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2010 Celebrity Oscar Gifting Suite in LA

I had the honor of presenting my work at a table at the Aesthetic Everything's Celebrity Oscar Gifting Suite to benefit the Rasual Butler Foundation. The foundation is not only raising money to help rebuild Haiti, but also raises money for rec centers and shelters for homeless kids that don't have a way out.

I met the most incredible people and am happy to share them with you here as well as what they had to say about the images I gifted to them.

"Wow Nikki - thanks for the beautiful pictures. You are spectacular!! BTW - your website and photo work is marvelous. I'm running photos on my radio site (a million plus listeners) and Facebook etc for my radio show! Again, thank you very, very much for your amazing talent!"
Xxoo Debbi

Deborah Dachinger
"Dare to Dream", radio & television show host
Friday @ 4:00 PM PST, Wednesdays Noon-2 PM PST on http://925kyhy.com

(This is not a Nikki Incandela Photography image. It is from Vanessa's facebook profile)

"Hi Nikki, Best photos from the event!! Seriously Gorgeous!!! I am so impressed with your shots, I can't believe the lighting you were able to capture.....did it come from magic? amazing!!!
All the best, Vanessa"

Vanessa Florez
Aesthetic Everything Event Planning

"Hey Nikki! All of the pictures turned out beautifully....Such pretty lighting. Keep in touch!
X Hunter"

Hunter McGrady
Model | Actress | Host

"Nikki, Thank you so much for your amazing picture! :)
Success, Gustavo"

Gustavo Daniel Cardozo

"The pictures cane out beautiful. You are an extremely talented Photographer. It was great to meet you at the Oscar gifting suite. I showed your pics to some of my friends & passed your contact info. I hope we have the opportunity to work together in the future & I will definitely be contacting you the next time I do an update on my headshots. Look forward to seeing you sometime in the near future."

Tia Barr
Model | Actress

"It's beautiful......thank you!"

Emma Zerner
Fashion Model | Actress

"You're an Angel! I love the pics you took of me. You cleaned me up very well, LOL! I enjoyed chatting with you as well, you are a lovely gal! I will spread the word about your work Nikki!!
Thanks so much for sending them! You Rock Nikki! :0)"

Lisa Morgan
CEO/ Solisa Productions

"Wow, you have a magic camera! Thanks so much for the picture, awesome."

Norton Morris
Leasing Concierge
Sunset Vine Tower & 7046 Hollywood

"Nikki, You are awesome. So great meeting you. Much love to you and thank you for the photos they are beautiful. Blessings!!!"

Wawi Amasha

"Thanks so much Nikki!!! You take beautiful pictures!!! It was so nice to meet you, hope to cross your path again!
Best, Ned :)"

Ned Liebl

"The pictures turned out great! Let me know if you want to shoot sometime!"

Nicole Andrews

"NIKKI thank you so much! Pics are amazing because you are amazing. Have a great week. See you soon, love Carlos"

Carlos De Antonis


"Love it!! Thank you so much!!"

Mary Carter
Head of Studio838 Headshot Division

"These photos are fabulous Nikki! Thank you"

Kimberly Stillwell
Owner/Massage Therapist of Navitus, LLC in LA

"Hi there Nikki - Thanks for the photos. You did a great job with them. Whatever your secret is, keep it up! And also to let you know, I added that photo you took of me to my bio on ALL the business plans I am included in. I was happy to replace the old photo which was not nearly as good, so I guess you're now my Official Photographer - lol. Best, Peter"

Peter Ziebert
Principal at Lotus Entertainment Group

"Thank you so much for the picture. Thanks Nikki for making me look so pretty."

Bonnie Witas
LA County Dept of Adoptions

"Beautiful picture!"

Dayami Padron
Model and Actress

Thank you everyone for your amazing feedback and for the incredible connections!! So honored to have met you and worked with you at the gifting suite!!